Xando LMS: Everything You Need in One Place

This is the Xando LMS Demo online university. Here, anyone has access to a free sample course to learn more about how to use Xando LMS and all the great features it offers.


With Xando LMS, your students get access to amazing features to learn any skill, and instructors get a better platform to teach from. Our features include:
  • Video Upload

    Students can send videos of themselves to instructors to demonstrate their skills at applying the lessons they've learned.


    Students can use forums to discuss the course material with other students and their instructors, and help each other succeed.


    Students and instructors have access to a internal private messaging system to communicate directly with each other from one convenient location.


    Instructors can upload videos and write articles to teach their coures. Students can watch and read from the comfort of their home computer, or on the go from their phone or tablet.


    Take online tests to make sure you know your stuff. Some times tests are as simple as reflecting on what you’ve learned in the course.

  • Live Video Chats

    Bundled in XandoLMS, users get access to Adobe Connect for instructors to hold Live Chats with their students.


For more details about the features of Xando LMS and pricing plans visit XandoLMS.com

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