Segment 6

Built in Video Conferencing - no 3rd party App


Live Chat / Live Virtual Classroom

No Third Party Apps required



Xando is the only online learning system on the market that has it's own built in "live chat" feature. We do not require additional software or 3rd party Apps.

We are the only program whose "live chat" works on every brand of smart phone running current versions of software without the need for additional APPS.

We have a RECORD feature in which live chats can be recorded and then plaid back at a later time.. This feature allows students who were not able to attend the original live chat to take advantage of this feature. 

Our Chat's resembles a live round table discussion between the instructor and his students. They can communicate in real time. Students have the option of using their webcam and audio or just audio if they don't feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Xando's communication center also has a real time TEXT chat that is open all the time. When a student logs into a class they can check the chat room to see if other students are on line. It is there option to take advantage of this feature. 

It should be noted that our chat center is an internal system that does not use emails. Student emails are never automatically shared with other students in a class.


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