Segment 7

Edit your Instructor Profile


 Editing Your PROFILE


1 min 42 sec




Find & Edit Your Profile information


Finding your system profile is simple. Once you have logged-in you will see your avatar with a drop down arrow on the systems main-taskbar. Click the drop down arrow, then click on  "Account".


Click the drop down arrow and you will see  links to:


My Courses


Watchlists and


See the image below:

Embed Imgage 



Select the "ACCOUNT" and a page will open that that had a button  EDIT PROFILE and EDIT ACCOUNT. 

These buttons are located right under your avatar on the taskbar.



Embed Imgage





The two personal fields in your profile are:

1- SHORT BIO -  displays a short description of that instructor.


2- ABOUT ME - This is where a detailed biography of an instructor can be listed. 



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