Segment 11

Students lists


Overview of Students Tab


Find Your Students


The only one who has access to students private information is the instructor of the class. Students can contact other students through private messages, but they will not have access to other student email addresses. For one student to get another students email address they would need to ask the other student through a private message. 

This segment is intended to teach the instructor where to go to get student information.


1 min 23 sec


Step 1

Navigate to the class


There are 2 ways to see a list a class. The instructor can select the drop down for black classes tab. 


The image below is the navigation bar where the instructors see which classes are open for the course. That brings up a list of active classes. Selecting the class from the drop down list will take the instructor to the CLASS HOME PAGE.


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Second way

 Select the black CLASSES Tab



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Just selecting the black classes tab brings up the class home screen for the course. See image below.


The instructor can select the class they know the student is in (i.e. Test Sample).



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Once the class has been selected simply select  STUDENTs on the taskbar brings up the list of students in the class.



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 Student list


From the students screen (see image below) the instructor can select (i.e Jerry Pendketon) to either send a private message, or review the students work, or get get that students email address.


The instructor has the option of typing the students name.  Once the program recognizes whats being typed the name will appear and can be selected. 


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View Student Screen


From the VIEW STUDENT screen, the instructor can send a private message , or get the students email address, or view the classes the student is in. If the student had filled out a short description of themselves the instructor will also see that in this window.



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 2 min 48 sec


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