Segment 14

Administrating Live Chats


Administrating a Live Chat


34 seconds


In the previous segment, we explained how to set up a live chat. In this segment, we will explain how the instructor we will explain how the Instructor administrates the live chat.




Step 1


The instructor will choose a date and time in advance and provide the students with a link to follow in order to join the chat.  Everyone who wants to participate can log in around that time and click the link to enter the chat room.  

We use Adobe Connect for our LiveChats. (View their system requirements here.) Students on mobile, device and tablets will also be able to participate after downloading the free Adobe Connect app.

Classes that have live chats scheduled will have a  "Live Chat" tab in the class header and on the drop down tab for the module.

Students can click this link to see more details about any upcoming live chats.  


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Step 2


Selecting the "LIVE CHAT" tab brings up the window below. Students can choose "THIS WEEKS LIVE CHAT" which will take them to the VIEW LIVE CHAT screen.


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View Live Chat Window



From the "View Live Chat" window the student can join the live chat.


From this window, the student can select the URL for the live chat, and they will be directed to the actual chat.


This window below displays the "Central Standard Time Zone" along with a data field for the students time zone data field.  See the image below: 




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If you miss or are unable to attend any of the live chats, the instructor will typically post a link the following day to a recording of the live chat, which can listened to at any time in the future. 


The instructor attempts to schedule live chats at a time that works for everyone, but with busy schedules and students living in different parts of the world, we understand that it might not be possible for some people to make it.

Although participation in the live chats is not necessarily required, we encourage people to participate if they can.  When more people are involved, the entire class benefits.


The View Live Chat window will include a data field titled "REVIEW THE CHAT," see the image below:




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