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Variable Bit Rate Video Uploads - why it is so important



Xando LMS 

Variable Bit Video


Our parent company has been streaming full-length training videos since 2005.  We have been streaming "variable bit rate" videos since 2010.  We do this through our own custom-built platform, without the use of third party software or apps.


When our instructors (or students) upload their videos or student video homework into a course, that video is automatically encoded as a  "variable bit rate" video.


This allows students with high speed internet to view video content in High Definition. Those students who have slower internet speeds (down to 1.5 Mg Down) will be able to watch the same video streamed at a lesser quality (without buffering or stuttering). 


This is all done from within the XandoLMS software. 


Our video  streams work on airplanes that have WIFI:

Xando LMS variable bit streaming video will stream video on airplane WIFI. We have tested in on multiple flights including flights to Europe.

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