Segment 2

Adding Videos is Simple & Fast


Uploading videos is easy with our software---no third party apps are needed!


Adding Video is Simple

Video uploaded are at "Multiple Bit Rates"

No 3rd party software or apps needed


4 Mn 31 Seconds 



Sample Video Below


We have included a sample video below that is encoded at a variable bit rate.  If you have high-speed internet connection, you will be watching it in HD.  If you have a slower speed, you will still be able to watch it without the video stuttering---you will simply see a lesser quality version of the same video. 


If you are not aware of your internet connection speed, go to  and click on "GO".  This site will tell you both your "download speed" and your "upload speed."  Your download speed is what determines the quality of your internet connection.



5 Mn 41 seconds


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