Segment 6

Student Testing & Tracking


It's easy to create your own multiple choice and essay tests according to your preferences.


Multiple Choice Test are a Breeze 

Creating multiple choice tests is fast and easy!  Instructors can add as many questions as they want, and assign as many tests as they want to each module in their course.  Specifying the module will ensure that the students take the tests at the right time as they make their way through the material.

Once the test is created, the instructor can still add or edit questions at any time.  If they later decide a test fits better elsewhere, they can simply reassign the entire test to a different module rather than having to recreate it.  This is especially useful if the instructor is still developing the course and decides to change or reorder the course material. 

Grading multiple choice tests is even easier, and requires no additional effort on the part of the instructor.  The software can score tests automatically as soon as they are submitted by the student, so instructors won’t have to spend time grading each test manually.  Each question will have a “correct” answer specified, so students will be able to see their score right way and know which questions they got wrong. 

Instructors will be able to review individual tests and see a summary of how the class performed overall, which gives them the opportunity make clarifications if students seemed to struggle with a specific question or concept.  They can also control whether students should be allowed to retake multiple choice tests if they are not satisfied with their score.

Instructors can also decide whether each test should be optional or required.  (This applies to both multiple choice and essay tests.)  Optional tests are not required for students to complete the course, but can be helpful for students who feel they might need additional practice.  A minimum of one test is required for course completion, but it can be as simple or challenging as the instructor wishes to make it.


Essay Tests and Course Feedback

For more complex concepts, the instructor may prefer an essay test.  Essay questions can be simple, short answer questions, or the instructor might ask students to write several paragraphs explaining a concept in their own words.  Each question will also have space provided if the instructor wants to comment or provide feedback to the student about their answer, although the instructor is not required to do so.

Some instructors also use essay questions to gather feedback about the overall content of their course, as well as suggestions for future classes.  This is a great way for instructors to find out what students liked best about their course, and what improvements they might be able to make in the future.  Feedback essays can even be converted to course testimonials for future students to read if they are interested in enrolling.




Student Testing and Tracking


Students can be tested in several different ways:


1 - They can be required to submit video homework assignments

2 - They can be required to make a specific number of "Forum Posts" in each module.

3 - The can be expected to take "Multiple Choice Tests" for each module. The tests are automatically graded. The instructor has the option to allow students to retake tests

4 - They can be expected to write Essay Tests for each module.

5 - Tests can be optional and not required. 



Instructor Grading


The instructor has a "GRADING SECTION" that shows a number of things about students:


1 -They can view Student tests Scores

2 - If they have made posts in forums

3 - If they have uploaded a homework video

4 - They can see of the students have submitted essay tests. zIts up to the instructor to assign a grade for essay tests.


The instructor can also keep track of what various students have read and watched within a module and within a segment.  Instructor can view a report that shows if a student has completed the 'requirements of a segment - i.e. tests, forum posts, homework assignments etc. 

There are instructor options that don't allow students to move on to the next segment  until they have completed the work required in their current segment. i.e. homework, video uploads, tests, forum posts etc.


The instructor has the option at the end of the course to indicate if the student passed the course (or not). 


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