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Video Homework Assignments and Student Progress


Instructors can assign homework and easily track student progress.



Video Homework Assignments

Student Video Smart Phone Uploads

Made Easy


No other LMS program offers the option for instructors to assign video homework assignments.  Our program allows students to use any brand of smart phone running and current operating system to upload one of their smart phone videos directly into the course forum. 

Not only that, those videos are uploaded at variable bit rates. This simply means that students with high speed internet can watch videos in HD. While students with internet connections as slow as 1.5 Mg down to watch a lessor quality video that will not stutter.

This single feature will allow organizations that require students to demonstrate what they have learned in the course through the student videos. Think of the power of this feature to issue certifications. i.e CPR etc.




Homework Assignments and Student Progress

There are several ways for instructors to track student progress, and many choose to assign "homework" to students in each module.  This is optional, but it is a good way to keep track of whether students are actually putting time into the course and engaging with their classmates.  Many instructors take homework completion into account when deciding whether a student passes the course, and will be able to view a summary of each student's activity and test scores.


Managing Class Module Assignments

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Instructors can decide what they expect of their students each week.


It's easy for instructors to check student progress when it comes time to issue final grades.  They can view a quick, at-a-glance summary of what each student has completed, and view each assignment in more detail if they need to.


Student Progress  Summary


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Instructors can quickly and easily check how much each student participates.


Assignment Types

An instructor may choose to implement some or all of the features below:

  • Discussion forum posts

    Instructors can require students to make a specified number of discussion forum posts.  The number of posts can be set for each module of the course.

  • Student video uploads

    Instructors can ask students to submit a video of themselves in which they demonstrate their understanding of the course content.  This is particularly useful if there is a physical aspect to the subject the course is teaching, and can be done using the LMS software itself---no third party apps or downloads are required.  Videos can also be uploaded from any brand of smartphone. 

  • Tests

    Instructors can assign multiple choice or essay tests for each module.  Multiple choice tests are scored automatically when submitted, and the instructor can specify whether to allow retakes.  Essay tests are reviewed by the instructor, who will have the opportunity to provide feedback if they desire.


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