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Build a Sample Course for Free.


We invite anyone who is interested in our LMS software to try it out for free!


Build out your own Sample Course

Try It Out Yourself

See how easy it is to use


We've already told you why Xando LMS is the best LMS platform on the market and shown you how easy it is to use, but you don't have to take our word for it.  We are so confident in our LMS platform that we allow anyone who is interested to try it out for free!

If you wish we can set you up as an instructor and you can start to build out a class.  That class will not be open to the public. You will be the only one who sees it.

This is not a trial period with a time limit or partial feature access---you will actually be able to access all of the features and spend as much time building a course as you want. 

Some companies claim their software is easy to use, but fall short on their promises when the software turns out to be much more complicated and difficult to work with. Extra features turn out to need 3rd party APPS to work, like Adobe Connect or Go-To-Meeting. 

Xando is simple to use and does not need any 3rd party APPS to upload and run video or to have live video conferencing with students.

If you decide XandoLMS is right for you, the course you built in the trial period will be transferred to your own domain exactly as you created it, so feel free to put as much time and effort into building a sample course as you want! If you have a question on any feature, call use at 715-235-6502 and ask for Ryan or Bobbie.

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