Segment 10

Advanced Media Management


Instructors can easily organize and classify their uploaded material, and leave placeholders for sections they plan to finish later.


Advanced Media Management


Our software has a media manager that allows instructors to organize and classify all the materials they upload, such as videos, images, and PDFs.  These materials can be assigned to specific courses, modules, and segments, allowing instructors to easily access the most relevant material as they build out each section of their course.  Instructors can also add notes to help them remember what the video or file contains, and where they plan to use it.

Some instructors prefer to build the basic outline of their course first, then go back and fill in images and videos as they acquire them.  Our course editor allows an instructor to add video placeholders to the course content simply by clicking a button.


 Here is an example of a video placeholder inside the course material.


Our LMS software will automatically keep track of how many placeholders still exist in each module and segment of a course.  This helps the instructor easily locate sections they still need to add material to, and ensures that no placeholders are missed and left inside the course material by accident.


Embed Imgage

This is what the instructor sees when a section contains a placeholder video.

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