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XandoLMS Vs Udemy


Xando Vs Udemy


Udemy doesn't come close to the features that Xando has.  We let instructors set the prices for their courses and we never discount those prices. Instructors take 100% of the sales from their courses. Udemy take 50% of the sales of a course. If one of their affiliates sells the course the instructor only gets 25% of the sale price. 

While Udemy instructors can set a price on a course that contains 30 plus hours of video content, Udemy constantly discounts the price on that course down to $10.00. Instructors have no control over this. This means an instructor who has taken days, if not weeks to build a course he only gets $5.00 for commission.

Xando does not take any part of the sales of courses.

 Udemy will not tell instructors the email address of the instructors students. In fact Udemy will not allow instructors to contact students through the content in their courses. If the instructor tries, Udemy will discontinue featuring the instructors course.

Xandolms instructors know exactly who their students are. They know students name, email addresses and physical addresses. Instructors can use that information to contact students and let them know of new courses. 

While Xandolms has an e-commerce model, the same as we use on, we do not charge a percentage point for instructors when they sell their courses. Banking fees are between the instructors bank, PayPal and the instructor. We simple supply the secure PCI compliant software to make the transactions happen. 

Udemy does not allow students to upload video homework assignments. Udemy does not have video conferencing between students and instructors. Udemy classes are on Xando classes can be on the instructors domain, branded to represent the instructors business model.

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