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Control Your Course Catalog and Pricing


You will be able to customize your course catalog according to your own preferences, and you'll be in control of pricing and sales.


Control Your Course Catalog and Prices

With Xando LMS, you have full control of your course catalog and prices.  You won't have to compete with other companies offering a similar product, or share space with dozens of other companies offering services unrelated to yours.  Similarly, you don't have to limit your courses to predefined categories, or conform to site-wide standards that aren't ideal for the types of courses you want to offer.

If you plan on monetizing your courses, then managing prices and payment is especially important.  A common complaint about other LMS sites is the lack of control given to the person who created the course.  The parent site may decide to offer sales and promotions that ultimately result in the instructor earning significantly less than what they had expected.  This is not the case with Xando LMS---you will be able to control not only your own prices, but also any sales or promotions you plan to offer.

Your course catalog can be as diverse or simple as you want it to be.  Our software makes it easy to create, customize, and reorder your course categories based on how you want them to look.  You will also have the option to offer a free preview of your course, which allows potential students to get a sneak peak at one or more modules of your course before they enroll.


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Customizing course categories is as easy as dragging and dropping.


Courses that are still in development can also be added to the course catalog.  Users will not be able to enroll, but they will still be able to add an upcoming course to their watchlist and receive a notification as soon as the course is open for enrollment.  This is a great way to generate interest and start marketing your course beforehand.


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A high-level view of the course catalog customization panel.


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