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Course structure


Course Structure


Courses are made up of modules, and modules are filled with segments. There is no limit to the number of modules and segments.


Course Design

The first step in building course structure begins with adding  modules and then adding segments to those modules. It is very similar to creating an outline.  




Adding Content


Once the modules and segments have been created, instructors can add content to segments. That content can take the form of written material, videos, photos, or PDF files. This is all covered in the following segments.




Course Forums


Each module in a course can have its own forum. This allows forums to be shorter, easier to navigate, and focused on specific topics related to the goals of the module . 

So a course with 5 modules can have 5 forums. It is up to the instructor to allow a module to include a forum. Some instructors will include forums in self-study courses. They do this for two reasons:

1- It allows students to interact

2- The instructor will monitor forums to see if questions are brought up that indicate the need to to add additional information


If an instructor is running five classes at the same time, all five classes use the same core course material, but each class will have its own unique forums, live chats, tests, and homework. 


Each module in a course has its own discussion forum. If a course has four modules, there will be four forums in the core course. This allows forums to be shorter, easier to navigate and focused on specific topics related to the module where the forum is located . 

If instructors wish, each module can have their own live-chats as well as their own homework assignments and tests (these are all discussed below).



Each time a new class is offered for interactive enrollment, the software automatically creates a new copy of the core course. 


If a student asks a question that the instructor feels should be included in the core course, the instructor can simply go back to the core material and add that content.This is how courses get better and better over time.



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