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Student Testimonials - Feedback


Testimonial Feedback


58 seconds


When a course is produced as a product to sell, testimonials become an important part of the sales program. The feedback feature is how instructors can monitor and control testimonials for their course.


Instructors can select which testimonials they choose to display. The instructor needs to check the display box in a student feedback for the student comment to go live. If they don't check that box the testimonial will not be displayed.


Also, if a student sends a message or writes a positive review elsewhere, the instructor can add this to the feedback section.

This segment explains how the Feedback feature works.




Step 1

Locate the feedback Button


 The FEEDBACK button is located on the Course Home Taskbar, the Course Overview Taskbar and the Class Taskbar. See the image below.


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Step 2

After selecting the Feedback,  the instructor will see the Manage Feedback on the page below. From there you can select Add Feedback.


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Step 3


The ADD FEEDBACK window will now be open.

From here the instructor can enter the student's name, the date of the feedback, whether the feedback was approved, and if it is to be featured as a testimonial in the course description. 


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Elements Feedback



1- Visibility as a testimonial check box. This button has to be selected for the testimonial to be displayed.

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2- Is it featured in the Course Description as a testimonial:

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3- Date:


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