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Student Grades


Overview of Grades Tab




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An important part of any class is grading student homework and being able to pass or fail students. Grading options are found in the grades drop down on the taskbar. (See the images below)   

You can see the three options available to you from the "grades drop down":


Grade Essays

View Tests 

Final Grades




Step 1

Grade Essays


The Grade Essays Page is accessed by selecting the grade essays link from the drop down, see the image below.


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The grade essay page (see image above) will give you an overview of all the essays not yet graded and/or submitted by students. That allows the instructor to pick which essays to grade or view.

Clicking anywhere on a row will bring you to that individual student's essay 


The class below displays the window instructors see when they wish to grade Student Essays.


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Ungraded Essays


Next, we will take a look at what a ungraded essay looks like and the steps to grade it.

The following image has two black lines that block the name and email.

It is easy to grade the essay by simply changing the score on the Score Essay Field. See the red arrow in the image below.


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Step 2

Multiple Choice Grades



Instructors can use the text editor on the page below to provide additional feedback for the student. 

The next item in the drop-down will be the View Tests page which you can get to by going back to the Grades drop-down and selecting View Tests.


This will give you an overview of all the tests and essays per module and the average for the class to see how your students are doing and if they are struggling with a particular modules.



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From the image above you can select the module that will display all the student tests or essays for that module, this lets instructors grade or respond to an individual student. In the next image, we will take a look at week 1 quiz link.


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The first thing to notice about the quizzes is that they are automatically graded by software. 

This page allows you to review tests and see which questions may be a little confusing.  If everyone is getting the same question wrong, you may want to reword that question. 


From this page, you can also navigate to the ungraded essay page or back to the View Test page.


The final item of the drop down is the final grades link. This page is where you can pass or fail students depending on the quality of their homework.


The top part of the Final Grades has different navigation options to help organize students and all of the tests they submitted. By default the page is set to display students that are ready for your attention.

You can choose to view all students, passed students, failed students, students who aren't done, and search for a specific student from the top navigation bar.


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The most important part of the Final Grades Tab is grading students homework and passing them. The image above shows what a typical Final Grade page will look like when it first gets loaded. Your list of students will probably contain more that just the one shown here. To get more information for a student and to see an overview of all the graded or ungraded homework for that student, you can select the "view summary" to drop down for the student you are looking at.


After you click the view summary option (see image above), it should look like the following image below. This gives an overview of all the homework submitted (or not submitted) by the student.  



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The summary shows everything submitted according to each module. Click on the grade button for an individual assignment to assign a score and provide feedback to the student. 

The grade button will bring you to the same window we see in the Grade Essays tab. These forms will do the same thing, it's just a different way to get to the grading form. 

You can also view or edit previously graded essays before you submit your final grade for the class. The final grade comes in the form of pass or fail. 

If you "pass" a student, you are stating the student has taken the course and has demonstrated an understanding of the material to your level of satisfaction and can now be awarded a certificate of completion. 




Student Notifications

of Grades


When an instructor grades a test, the student will get a notification that the test was graded. They also get a notification when they have received their final grade.



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