Segment 13

Creating Essay Tests


Teaches you the process of how to create a Essay Tests


Creating & Editing

Essay Tests

30 seconds


The testing portion of our software is exceptional. Instructors have a great deal of flexibility in how they structure their tests. They can be as simple or as intricate as you wish. They can be essay tests, multiple choice tests, or the instructor can require a student to submit a video if the course warrants that kind of participation.

There can be as many tests in a module as the instructor wants. Tests can be named whatever the instructor desires. i.e. "FINAL EXAM".

Instructors have the option of making a test "REQUIRED" if the student wants to complete the course. There is an option to allow students to continue to RETAKE the test until they pass, again at the instructor's discretion.

This segment explains how to create an Essay test, the previous segment explains how to create a multiple choice test.

Tests can be set for each module in addition to setting up a final exam.

This segment will explain the options for the create tests screen. 







Step 1

Navigate to Create or Edit a Test


From within any segment window, the instructor will see the Test button on the top task bar. To create a test, the instructor needs to click this button. See the image below.


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Step 2

The Manage Tests Screen


The next screen is the MANAGE TESTS page (see the photo below) . There are a number of ways to create tests from this page.

The most obvious way is the red Create New Test button. 

The Manage Test page contains a list of course modules. Each module has an ADD TEST button. If the instructor has already created a test for this module, it will be listed. If no tests have been created a message of "NO TESTS CREATED" will be displayed.


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Step 3

Create New Tests Screen


The screen below is the blank Create New test screen. Further down this segment we cover Editing Tests


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Step 4

Elements of Creating a Test

Title Field:

Name the Tests - EXAMPLE:  "Module 1 test"


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Select a Module Field:

 Allows the instructor to assign a test to a specific Module

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Description Field:

The pop-up is where the instructor explains that this is an essay test and the test will contain a certain number of questions that the student is expected to answer in essay style.


This is not the place to create those questions, creating essay questions take place on the next window.


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Test Type Field:

This field allows the instructor the option of creating an ESSAY or Multiple Choice Test. Essay requirements can be explained in the Text Box above. Creating a Multiple Choice Test is covered in the next Segment of this module.


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Required / Optional Field:

The instructor can set the test as REQUIRED or OPTIONAL. Tests that are required need to be completed for the student to get credit for the course.


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Retake Multiple Choice Test - Field:

If the test is multiple choice, the instructor can select this check box which allows the student to retake the test as many times as they wish until they get them all correct.


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Notification - Field:

If the box is checked, the instructor will be notified when a student has completed a test. 


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Adding Questions To Test


When the first window for Creating a New Essay test has been created, the instructor can click the red button titled Create Test. That takes the instructor to the next page where they will now add their essay questions.  

The window looks like this:



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Add Essay Question 

to Essay tests

Clicking the ADD QUESTION button brings up the window below.  It is in this text box that the instructor types their essay question.


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 Manage and Edit

Existing Tests

To get to the Manage Tests screen, the instructor navigates to the Tests button on the task bar. This will lead us to the MANAGE TESTS Screen. 

Instructors can then scroll down to the module that contains a test they wish to edit.


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Edit Existing Test


The Manage Tests screen brings up a list of all modules and existing tests that have already been created for those modules. 


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Find the test you wish to edit and highlight it. See the image below,  SAMPLE MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST


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To edit the Sample Multiple Choice Test - click on the Pencil Icon to the right of the test your editing.


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 Edit Test

This will bring up the Edit Test screen - image below.



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