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Private Messages


Overview of Message Tab


Private Messages


 When you are logged into any course the main taskbar at the top (the one with your photo on the right) has an option to check messages. (right next to the HOME button).


If you have a private message you will see a red circle with a number in the middle indicating that you have a new private message that you have not read. Private messages can also come as emails to your normal email account, this option can be disabled if you wish.


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This program has a robust communication system. There are 4 parts:

1- Announcements are covered in Segment 5

2- Notifications are covered in Segment 7

3- Private messages are covered in this segment  (this segment)

4- Watch Lists covered in Segment 9




Private Messages


What are Private Messages?

Messages are exactly what their name implies. Students can send the instructor or other students a private message. These messages are sent as a email in addition to being posted in your message center in box of this program.

Private messages will also be sent when you successfully enroll in a new course and/or when you have successfully passed an existing course.

The messages center can be selected from the main task bar. See the image below. 

Students can send private messages to other students but it is important to know that student email addresses are private. Students can send a message through email but they will never be able to see the other student's email address. The only way a student can get another student's email address is to send that student a message and ask for it. There is more on messages sent as email below in this segment.




Where to find your Messages?


When the instructors logs in they will see the task bar in the image below. The message option is circled.  


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Private Message Window


The image below is what you will see when you select messages from the main task bar.



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How do you send a message?

When the instructor or student clicks on the MESSAGE button on the main taskbar, the  NEW MESSAGE BUTTON shows on the right of the screen. See red arrow in the image below.




Send Messages


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Step 2

 The new message window looks just like most email programs. It is self explanatory.


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Step 3


When you start to type a name in the Recipient(s) field a list of names will open a pop up. We have entered a few random goofy names in our system to demonstrate this feature: See image below


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After you select the correct name you simply the box will automatically fill in the rest of the name




Main Message Page


Once on the main MESSAGE page (See the images below) there are four message options:

1 - Inbox

2 - Unread

3 - Send Mail

4 - All


There is also a drop down filter:

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See the image below:


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Controlling Messages


By default, users will automatically receive an email when they have a new private message.  99% of users choose not to disable notification by email of private messages because they want to be notified if an instructor makes announcement, or when the instructor needs to talk to them privately or a new time is set for a live chat.  


If settings are changed to disable emails, the only way to see notifications is to log into the courses and see them from the course notification dashboard.



In Segment 10 of this module you can find step by step instruction on how to disable email notifications or you can navigate to account settings in the drop down icon where you login. The window below lets you disable notifications and messages.


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