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Three ways to



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Segments are the heart of your course, they are very easy to add and move.   






First Way to Add Segment


There are 3 simple ways to add segments to your course. If you select a module you will see a button on the module titled "+New Segment "- (see image below). you select the New Segment button you have just added a segment to your course. .

All you need to do is name the segment and click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the Edit Segment Page


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2nd way to Add Segment

You can have a segment opened (see image below) in a module and see Add Segment  button right next to the Edit Segment button.


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3rd Way to Add Segment


From within any segment of a module  you will find the MODULE drop down button.

Select the module drop-down, then click MANAGE.  See the image below:


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When you click Manage, you will get a list of all the modules currently in the course, including the segments within those modules.

The image below shows the list with 2 modules and their segments.

Select the module you would like to add a segment to. See the image below. You will find ADD SEGMENT (see the red arrow in the image below) It's located right next to the RANK SEGMENT BUTTON


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If you wanted to add a segment to module 1, you would click on the ADD SEGMENT button located under the segments for Module 1 - see the arrows in the image below: It is located right next to RANK SEGMENT. 


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