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Manage Class Module


Overview of the Manage Class Page


Manage Class Module


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There are a number of features in this software that can only be added after the class has been created. 

The features, listed below, are added in the Manage Class Module window which is linked off the  Class Home page. See the images below on how to access Manage Class.


They are:

Dates Modules are opened

If the class allows video uploads

If the class has Live Chats

If there will be "certificates of completion" issued

If posting to a forum is mandatory (and how many times) to complete the course


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Step 1

Navigate to Manage Class Module


Once the class has been created, click the black CLASSES Tab drop down. Then select the class you wish to add features to.  The selection tabs look similar to the one below.


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Locating the Manage Class Module

Selecting the Test Sample class brings up the window below. The Manage Class Modules  button is at the bottom of the page. The long red arrow shows where it is. 


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Selecting the MANAGE CLASS MODULES button brings up the window below. This screen allows you to do the following:


1 - Set Start / Stop dates for modules within a Class

2 - Allows the class to have video student uploads

3 - Allows the class to have live chats

4 - Make forum posts mandatory



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Elements of Manage Class Module


Start / End Date:

If an instructor wants to control when various modules are opened to students the instructor can enter dates in these data fields. Some instructors may want to do this, while others will open all the modules at one time. This is totally up to the instructor.


With specific "Start Dates",  modules will highlight in the student Class Homepage  according to date. If a student logs-in between these dates, the student's class homepage will reflect the module currently being covered. For example. they will get a message saying the course is currently covering Module Two.


The end date is not a date that this module will be closed to a student. Once the module is open it stays open. The purpose for the end date is to set parameters for the instructor to tell the student where the class is at. 


If the Instructor has selected the "ALWAYS OPEN" check box in the EDIT MODULE WINDOW, the modules will always be open no matter what dates are entered the Managing Class Modules



When an instructor wants to have "Video Uploads" in the course, they need to check the video boxes for each module in the Manage Class Modules.


It is possible to have video uploads in one module of a class and not in another. It all depends on what boxes are checked and selected.

The video icon looks like the image below:


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When the instructor wants live chats in modules the chat boxes need to be selected in Manage Class  window.


Live chats will only be allowed in the modules that have had their chat boxes selected.  


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Mandatory Post:

Instructors have the option of requiring students to make a certain number of posts in the module forums.


It is in this screen that the instructor enters the number of posts they require. For example in the class below the instructor requires 5 posts in the first module and none in the following three modules.


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Once features have been selected for a class the

following icons will be seen in the Class Home Page.


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