Segment 6

Time Saving Production Tips


 Time Saving Editing Features


2 min 22 sec




Work Screen 

Our LMS editor has an excellent text editor. The details of that editor are covered in Segment 7 of this module. The video below shows how to maximize your content editing screen to make it larger and easier to enter text, videos and photos.


2 min 3 sec






The preview button is one of the  most important time saving features in this program. The icon to open the preview window (while in the text editor) looks like an "EYEBALL". It's found on the text dashboard. (see the image below)

The beauty of preview is that you can see a window of formatted content in a segment you're working without exiting out of the "EDIT SEGMENT MODE". The more content that has been added to a segment, the more time saved.


 Embed Imgage


After you select the Preview button you will have a window pop up that shows you exactly what a saved version would look like. See the image below and you will see an example of the popup box that displays after selecting preview.


Embed Imgage



3 min 1 sec




Video Place Holder

If you are building a video based LMS course you will find that no matter how detailed your video shot list  was before you created modules and segments you will find yourself wanting to add additional video clips. The problem is you usually find these when you're in the middle of proofing or editing your work. The ability to quickly drop a "video placeholder" in a segment and have a reminder show up at the top of a segment when you go in to edit that segment is invaluable. 


The image below is what a video place holder looks like



Video placeholders are covered in detail in segment 8 of this module. 



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