Segment 7



In this Segment you will learn how to add Text to a Segment of your course.


 Placing Text in Segments


One of the simplest parts of using this software is adding text content to segments. Our text editor is very similar to a word processor.   


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 The first step to add text is to select the Edit Segment button in the top right corner of each segment. See the image below:


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The image below shows the control panel that is used whenever you work in "EDIT SEGMENT"

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Inserting a hyperlink into your text is simple. Just highlight the text you want liked and click on the LINK icon in the text editor. The box below pops up and you can fill in the URL to link to. You can also place your cursor where you want a link and use this box to create the text and the link for that text right from the pop-up box


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When photos are inserted they can be resized through the pop-up or by dragging the corners of the image once it is in the segment. In segment 10 of this module we cover inserting photos and video.

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Insert a Video


In segment 10 we cover inserting video into our segments.

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Insert a video Place Holder


Video place holders are an important feature. We use them during the design process of building out an online course. They are covered in the next Segment of this module.


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Formatting  Headers

Heading 1


There are six text styles available. "Heading 1" is the largest text style .

After highlighting the text you want to use for your heading text  (see image below) select Formats then select Headings then Heading 1


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Heading Style 2

The text size in this header is "Header 2."


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Heading 4


"Heading 4 and 5" is what I use for normal script in my content. This text is "Heading 4"


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Formatting Option



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The PREVIEW button is a time saver

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If you are building a long segment and you want to see what it will look like you can either save it and then review your work or you can use the Preview button. Preview is the EYE button


Once you start to use it you will see what a great time saver it is. You can see an instant review without having to Save and scroll down to what you were working on, then scroll back up to EDIT, and then scroll down to what you were working on. 


You can also indent or create numbered or bullet lists with the editor. Simply highlight or block the text you want indented and select the tool from the editor above. 


The best way to learn this is to play with the editor and sample text.



HTML Editor


There is an option to use HTML source code if you wish.


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