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Course Overview Tab


An Explanation of whats in the course overview tab.


Course Overview Tab


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 Sample Instructor Navigation View


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Instructors and students see different navigation tabs of a course. COURSE HOME tab and COURSE OVERVIEW tabs are only seen by instructors. 

Students see a Class Home tab (covered in Module 4)


Those looking at this tutorial are viewing as a STUDENT. You will not see an instructor's view until you start to build out a new course.


The image below is what instructor sees.





Instructor Course Navigation

Course Overview


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Editing in 

Course Overview


The image below will appear when the red Course Overview tab is selected.


An instructor can edit the fields on the course overview page by simply clicking the EDIT COURSE button on the right side of the page. See the red arrow pointing to the EDIT COURSE button in the image below.



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After the Edit Course button is clicked:

This is where you set up the basic information for the course. This information can be added or changed later so it does not have to be perfect when you begin.  

The data fields are:

1-  Course Title,

2-  Course Subtitle,

3- Course Image

4- Introductory Movie

5-  Mini Description,

6- Target Audience,

7-  Experience Level,

8- The access time (unlimited is recommended)

9- The full detailed course description and course FAQ.



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Drop Down Help Buttons


Drop down help buttons are designed to help new instructors fill in the data fields.


Notice all the small red circles (by each field).  I pointed them out with green arrows. They look like this:Embed Imgage These are all "Drop Down Help Buttons" used to help fill in data fields.  


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