Segment 6

Add a new interactive class


This segment explains how new class is configured.


Adding a New Class


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The difference between COURSES and CLASSES?


When a course is created the content is produced into what we call a core class. The core course is offered as a self-study course. When a class is created the program makes a unique copy of that core course that can then be tailored to the features the instructors would like to open for students.

Interactive courses have a defined start and end date, whereas self-study courses do not.


Classes can have different start/stop dates for each class. In fact, the instructor can have different opening dates for each module of an interactive course.


A new class has empty forums, but as the class progresses the forums are filled with student Q&As, student homework videos, and/or essays, etc.


Classes have their own set of students, many times this number is limited, whereas a self study could potentially have hundreds of students at any one time. Interactive classes can have homework assignment and forums they are required to post on to get a passing grade. Students in interactive classes can also be expected to submit short videos every week which are then critiqued by the instructor.  





Two ways

to create a new class


Method One:

Adding a new class is as easy as logging in, clicking on My Courses, scrolingl down to your course and clicking on the red ADD CLASS button located right next to the red EDIT COURSE button. See the image below.


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Method Two:

The second way to add a new class in the Course Home tab is to click on the Classes drop down tab on the top task bar of every Segment.

The instructor can select the Add button. See image below.


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New Class Setup


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Element to customize a new class 


Class Name:

Instructors have the option of NAMING their class


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Class Description:

This data field is designed to allow an instructor add a short description so they can keep track of their various classes. This is helpful when they are running multiple classes of the same course at the same time.


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Type of Class:

This is where the instructor determines if the class will be Self-Study or Interactive.


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The Instructor can set the price of the course. If it's a FREE course they simply leave the data field empty.

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Class Image:

By default, the class image is the course image. The instructor has the option of having a class image for this class. The instructor just needs to type in the URL for the image.


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Certificate type:

The instructor can use the drop down box in this data field to let students know that the Certificate will be mailed or emailed.



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Add Class:

When the instructor has filled the data fields that apply to their new class, just click the Add Class button at the bottom of the page.


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Manage Class Modules 

There are 4 features of a class that must be added after the class has been created. These features are all added in the MANAGE CLASS MODULES WINDOW. (see the segment by the same name).


Those features are:

START / STOP Date for Each Module

Video Uploads

Live Chat

Mandatory Form Posts


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Deleting a Class


For security issues ONLY ADMINISTRATORS can delete a class. Instructors can not delete a class once it has been created.

We don't want an instructor to accidentally hit a "DELETE CLASS BUTTON". The deleted class might be a class that is in session with enrolled students.



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