Segment 12

Creating Multiple Choice Tests


Multiple Choice Tests


Creating a Multiple Choice test is a simple thing to do.  The instructor needs to be logged into their course to create a test.


1 min 5 sec




Step 1

Navigate to the Create Test Screen


From within any SEGMENT window, the instructor will see the TESTS button on the top task bar. To create a test the instructor needs to click this button. See the image below.


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Step 2

Clicking on the TEST button on the  top task bar brings up the MANAGE TESTS Screen.  From this screen the instructor can click the CREATE NEW TEST button.


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Step 3

Create New Test


Clicking CREATE NEW TEST on the Manage Test Screen screen above brings up the Create New Test screen that we see in the image below. 

It is on this screen that the instructor names their test. For this tutorial, we named our's  "Sample Multiple Choice Test". The default for the TEST TYPE field is Multiple Choice, so that does not have to be changed.

When the instructor then clicks the red ADD TEST button at the bottom of the screen they're moved to the screen that allows instructors to create the multiple choice questions and answers for the test. 


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Step 4

Select Multiple Choice and click Save Changes

 When the instructor selects Multiple Choice in the TEST TYPE data field and then clicks SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the CREATE A NEW TEST PAGE (see image below) the program will bring up the page that allows the instructor to build a Multiple Choice Test.


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Step 5

Adding Question


We created a test named SAMPLE MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST by using that name in the TITLE data field.



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Step 6

Click on Add Question

Clicking on Add Question brings up the pop-up below:

The instructor can enter their question along with 4 possible answers. They then click on the box with the correct answer (see the  blue circle below). The software will correct tests. 


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Test Options


Back in the CREATE TEST Screen or in the EDIT TEST Screen,  the instructor can set parameters for this test.


1- The instructor has the option of allowing students to retake multiple choice test until they get the correct answers.

2- The instructor can check a box and receive notifications when a student has completed a test. 

3- The instructor can make the test REQUIRED (to pass the course) or OPTIONAL 




Editing Multiple Choice Tests


Editing existing tests is explained at the end of the previous segment (Creating Essay Tests). Instructors simply navigate to the EDIT TEST button.


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