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Why does the software require students personal information?

When students sign-up for an account they must enter their name, address and email address. The system needs this information for the following reasons:

1- So the student can get private messages from instructors and other students.

2- So student's test information can be logged.

3- So the student's homework assignments can be logged.

4- So the program knows where to send diplomas or certificates of completion.

5- Personal information is never shared with other students.


Who sees the account information?

Student private information (I.E. Address and Email) are only seen by the instructor.

This private information is not available to other students. 




 Required Internet Speed


Our software will function properly on an internet speed as slow as 1.5 Mbps down. This is not a lot faster than dial-up.  

When our software uploads video or photos to our web servers in the cloud, those videos or photos are encoded at three different bit-rates (high definition, medium and low).


Our software will determine what internet speed a student has available and then supply the correct bit-rate to the student's computer. Those students with high speed internet will get the highest quality video. Those students with slower internet speeds will get lesser quality video that can serve a student without caching the training videos.



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