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Video placeholder


Video Place Holder - are very important when designing your course. They become a shot list for production teams.


Video Place Holder


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If you build online courses that include video, our VIDEO PLACEHOLDER feature is a great tool to be used while designing your course. 


When we work through our various segments adding text and building structure, we have the option of adding a temporary VIDEO PLACEHOLDER ICON in a spot that we eventually intend to add a video.  

The beauty of using VIDEO PLACEHOLDERS is we can use a list of them to produce a 'Shot List" of videos we need to film.

PLACEHOLDER icons give you a feel for what the layout will look like when you eventually add your video.




The images below explain where to find the formatting icon on your taskbar. 

Embed Imgage



Embed Imgage 


To put a video placeholder in a segment, simply get your cursor where you want the placeholder and click the icon in the taskbar.





Once you have put a video placeholder in a segment you will see a yellow Placeholder icon at the top of the page next to the ADD SEGMENT BUTTON and EDIT SEGMENT BUTTON.


See the image below.


Embed Imgage






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