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File Manager



File Manager

-Video & Photo Media Manager-


Our File Manger feature is a very valuable tool for instructors that produce multiple courses. It is worth the time it takes to learn.. 


Before we get into the instructions I will first explain why we added this feature. The first online course that I built with our software had over 150 short videos in it. A couple of years later, after producing several more courses, I decided to go back and redo the layout to the first course. 


I planned on using a number of the 150 videos from the original course and replacing those I decided not to use. The problem was I had not kept a log of the titles for those 150 videos much less a short description of the content. It was a nightmare and a total waste of time to go watch every one of those 150 videos (which totaled over 15 hours of video), create the log, and then figure out which would be used in version 2 of the course. This is why we added the File Manager feature.




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The file manager functions as a repository for all the video and photo media you have added to every course you have built. If you build 2 courses in which the first course had 100 videos and the second course had 50 videos you would find 150 videos listed ion your file manager.




Three Purposes

of File Manager


1 - It is a valuable tool should the instructor accidentally delete a video while editing a course. It can also become very important if a whole segment in a course is accidentally deleted.  Should that happen, the instructor simply goes into the File Manager and finds the videos to place in the new segment.

Keep in mind that the videos and photos have already been uploaded into the instructors online account on the web server. If the instructor took the time fill in the description field when they first uploaded the video its a simple thing to find it and use the video in the production of a new segment.


2 - If the instructor chooses to re-organize a course,  the File Manager, see image below, is found on the instructor home page. It is a simple thing to locate videos and photo files that can be used in new segments.

3 - If the instructor wants to use a video or photo from one course in a new course the instructor would use the File Manager to find those files.


 In Module 2 Segment 8 we explained how to fill in the video description in the pop-up box.


Some instructors choose not to take the time to add video description information. Those instructors will quickly realize this was a mistake should they ever have to sort through a few hundred videos and/or photo files in the File Manager to locate the file they need to re-use. 


Another place an instructor will use file manager is if the instructor decides to completely redo their course and update it with new material. If their old course has 150 videos that never had the video description filled out it can take days or weeks to go through all the videos in the new course that are worth using. 



Step 1


To navigate to the instructor home after logging in, simply click the HOME button on the task bar. See the image below:


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Step 2


Selecting the View Files (Media Manager) on Instructor Home brings up the following screen.


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Step 3


From the View Files screen, the instructor needs to select the course he wishes to navigate to. In this case, it would be Leerburg Online 2.0 tutorial.


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Step 4

From this window, the 4 modules of the course are displayed.

The instructor simply navigates to the segment they wish to review. That segment folder will contain all the files that have been uploaded into that segment.

To figure out what each file is, the instructor can select a file and read the "TEXT"description of how the file was used. (This is assuming that information was added to the media window when it was uploaded to the segment) See the image below.


If the text data field doesn't have anything in it, the instructor can add a description or comment at this time and then select the Save button.



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