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Course Taskbar Vs Class Taskbar


Course Task Bars


Class task bars


If you are an instructor that is only going to produce self-study courses you can skip this segment. 


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Instructors have the option of working on their core course (where they can update training material) or they can work on handling details on teaching their classes.  There are task bars for both the core course and the classes. It is important to understand how to switch between task bars - at first this can be a little confusing. This segment will detail how to switch between them.


A concept to keep in mind is that the core course contains all the content material to teach students. Instructors can go into their core course at any time (even when classes are running) and add or delete course content. If the instructor makes a change to the content of the core course those changes will automatically show up in all the classes, even those that are running.


That's the beauty of being able to keep your online courses and classes up to date 100% of the time by only making changes in one place (the core course).




Switching Between Task Bars


When the instructor creates a class and navigates to the class home page, they have the option to display the Class taskbar or the Course taskbar. 

We will explain the class taskbar first.

The image below is of the Class homepage of the class titled TEST SAMPLE with the class taskbar displayed. The class taskbar has been selected. Notice the arrows and the class name (Test Sample)  displayed in the black box. When the "little arrow" is pointed up, the class taskbar is displayed.



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Class Task Bar Displayed the arrow next to TEST SAMPLE is pointed UP

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COURSE Taskbar Arrow is pointed DOWN


In the image below the "Class Taskbar" is displayed and the Course Taskbar is collapsed.


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No Taskbar Displayed


The image below shows what the class home looks like with no taskbar being displayed in the Class Home window. This is because both the Leerburg Online 2.0 tutorial taskbar is collapsed and the "test sample" class taskbar is collapsed.


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Course Taskbar Displayed 


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Course Taskbar is Collapsed - with

Class taskbar displayed


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The best easiest way to determine what taskbar is displayed is to realize that when the course taskbar is displayed COURSE HOME is the first button, and when the class taskbar is displayed the first button is CLASS HOME.





The CLASS HOME page also offers buttons that allow you to view the following information:

Students Lists

Your Announcement


Student Videos sent in from students in the class

You can set up Live Chats for the class

You can visit the page to GRADE  Students



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