Segment 8

Course Home Tab


Overview of the instructor home page


Course Home Tab  


You are in this tutorial as a student. As such, your view of modules and segments are not as detailed as what the instructor sees. 

As a student you have two red buttons above the models tabs on the left, a red Class Home button and an red Announcement Button. See the image below of a sample student task bar. The student task bar buttons are explained in segments of Module 4.


Instructors do not have the class home and announcement buttons, instead they have a red Course Home and a Course Overview button. The instructors red buttons allow them to customize their classes and courses. 

In this segment will explain the Course Home features. In the next segment (segment 7) you will see the features in Course Overview. 



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Student Task Bar vs Instructor Task Bar


Students have a red class home and announcement button on their left hand task bar (sample below). While instructors have a red course home and a red course overview and black classes buttons on their task bar. (see below)


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Instructor Tool Bar



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Course Home:

The Course Home page is the instructor's information center.  It is a place to start every day. From the course home page instructors can see what students have been up to, or if students have any pending issues.

Class button:

We will cover the Class button in Module 3 of this tutorial.  





Course Home

management capabilities


Course Home class management system


This is where you can manage modules, segments, and elements of classes for the course.


All classes from a specific course have the exact same core content. If the instructor wants to update course content for classes, it only needs to be added or edited in the main course and not in each class (if there are multiple classes).

Classes are created automatically by the software. This is covered in Module 4.


Once a class has been created it can be customized by the instructor in the course home section to set class opening dates, set forum topics, set homework assignments, set dates for live chats, and write tests. Instructors can also set dates when specific modules are opened.  

If an instructor has multiple classes going at the same time, the course home is where they select which class to customize specific options.


The Image below is a sample of a Course Home Page 


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Elements of the

Course Home Dashboard


The components of the Course Home dashboard toolbar are:








The Classes drop down offers two choices, ADD and MANAGE existing classes (if there are multiple classes at one time). 

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ADDING/MANAGING a class is covered in detail in Module 3.

There is a lot that can be done with the course classes thru this dashboard option. 



Modules Drop Down:

This is one spot (of several places in the program) where Instructors can add a module, rank modules (rearrange his existing modules), or manage segments in modules. Segments can be deleted here or a segment can be moved from one module to another. 


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The test button on the task bar brings up the following MANAGE TESTS screen. This tutorial has an entire segment on designing Essay tests and another segment on creating multiple choice tests in Module 2


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There are a number of places to upload video, text, PDF files and photos. All of the various features are covered in detail in segments of Module 2.




This is a list of all student feedback and testimonials for your course. Instructors can approve feedback to appear on the course feedback page.

Feedback can also be converted into a new testimonial to feature on the course description page. 

The Feedback button brings up the following screen. FEEDBACK system is also covered in detail in Module 3 Segment 16


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