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Creating Tests


When create test is selected the tests that are created in a course they will appear in every class. Instructor can name a test and select what module they wish the test to be in. 


There can be as many tests in a module as the instructor wishes, but for for the system to create certificates of completion for the course there needs to be AT LEAST one test.


If a certificate of completion is not necessary then tests can be set as optional or required. They can be multiple choice (which the system corrects) or essay style (which the instructor has to read and grade)


With multiple choice tests there is an option where the instructor can allow students to retake a test if they fail an attempt. There is also an option for the instructor to receive a notification when a student has taken a test.



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There are two ways to get to the create tests window.


1- Each module has a Manage Tests option - see image below

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2- Select Class Home and then from the task bar select Tests


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Manage Tests Window


Selecting Tests from the task bar brings up the manage tests window. Read the text to learn your options.


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Selecting Create New Test


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Setting Test  Perimeters


 The following options are available on the Create New Test window:


1- Name the test

2- Pick a module the test is assigned to

3- A full description of the test

4- Select either a multiple choice or essay test

5- Set the test as required or optional for students

6- Give students the option to retake a test

7- Send the instructor a notification when the test has been taken

8- ADD the test to the course



Creating  Multiple Choice Tests

Selecting Tests from the task bar brings up the manage tests window. 


From Manage Tests window (See image below) select red Create New Test 


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From the Create New Tests window  (see image below) name the test, tell it what module you want the test in, provide a description for the students taking the test, is the test optional or required, can the students retake a test, do you want a notification when the test is completed, and then select Multiple choice test 



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The next screen allows you to add Questions to your multiple choice tests (see image below)  Select add question


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 Fill in the popup for your first question and possible answers. The instructor can pick what order the questions are in and which answer is correct, then select Add.


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Adding additional questions.

Once you have entered your first question you will get a screen like the one below. It shows the test we just created in Module 1. The test is named First Test (see red arrow) and it has one question. 


To add a second questions simply select the red first test 


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When you select the first test the screen below is displayed. That screen shows the question you just created for the test and the option to add another question. As we explained earlier, there is no limit to the number of multiple choice questions.



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Essay Tests

Creating an essay test is easier and less time consuming to create but takes more time for the instructor because they have to read and grade the essay's manually. 

The concept of creating this is simple figure out. When a test is set up the instructor just selects essay rather than multiple choice and then fill in the blanks.


Essay tests can have a number of questions that students need to answer. There is no limit in how many essay questions are asked. 



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