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Understanding video uploads


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Understanding Student Video Uploads


This software allows instructors to assign homework in the form of student video uploads. Students can video their training with any smartphone and then easily upload those videos into a module forum. This segment will explain how that process works. Once instructors understand the process they will see how easy it is to set it up in their course.


Video homework is assigned through a forum topic. Students receive messages from the instructor explaining that they have homework. The description of that assignment is explained in the forum topic. Instructors describe exactly what they want their students to video.


Students can upload videos from their phone directly into that forum topic. That is simply done as a reply to the topic. Instructor can view and critique the work, other students in the course can watch those videos and the critique. 


For a student to upload videos, they simply log into the course (this can be done from any smart phone) , navigate to the module, then the forum for that module, and finally the topic of the forum. From the topic they select the button titled PICK VIDEO. The system will display all the videos in the phone. The student selects the video they want to upload and selects UPLOAD. From within the course they select 2 buttons (select video and upload) and the program does the rest.   

Instructors can have homework in as many modules as they wish, there is total flexibility built in. Segment 1 in this module (Manage Class Module) explains in detail how to set modules up to accept videos in forums.



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 How instructors can watch & comment

on student videos uploads. 



Like most tasks in our courses, navigating to student videos begins by going to the "Course Home" for the class in question.  



Screen 1

There are two ways to get to the student videos.

1- The first path is through the Module Tabs

2- The second way is through the "Student Video Tab" on the task bar


For this tutorial, we will look at student videos in Module 5

Selecting Module 5 brings up the screen below. There are two options.

1- Select the Drop Down for Module 5

2- Select the STUDENT VIDEOS in the task bar.





Select the drop down in Module 5

Selecting the drop down for Module 5 produces the screen below: 


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Selecting Video Uploads from the tab brings up the STUDENT VIDEOS for Module 5 (Perches and Place Boards)

In the screen below, the white post is a post that the instructor has already watched the video.



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Clicking on one of the posts will bring up the screen that contains the student video upload.


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Under the video, there is room for a series of posts from the student explaining their video and posts from the instructor and other students in the class.

Not only does the student get feedback from the instructor, but other students in the class can also comment or ask questions.

Below we included just two posts from a long thread on this one student video upload.


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Second Way

 Select the STUDENT VIDEOS in the task bar


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The next window is the Student video screen below. The screen lists all the modules in the course. The instructor can review the data and see what modules have topics and threads that have not been open.


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Selecting Module 5 Perches and Place Boards will bring up the list of student video uploads in module 5.


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Selecting one of these posts will bring the student video upload.



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The following screen shows a written post from the student and a follow-up post from the instructor.

There is no limit to the number of posts that can be made in the thread. In fact, other students in the class also have access to the video and thread. Classmates Other can ask questions and post comments on the thread for the video upload.



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